I am so blessed to work as intuitive coach and believe this is my calling.

I am a New Mexico based intuitive coach, (BA, MFA, Reiki Master) writer, artist, and teacher with love and tenacity for healing.  My passion involves assisting clients with healing, transformation, and aligning with their own intuitive voices.  I work with hundreds of brilliant clients from around the world in one-on-one sessions to help them in all aspects of their lives.  It is an honor to assist people in connecting to their divine spark, supporting their creative processes and adventures while helping them align to their full potential.

I want to live in a world where living intuitively is the norm, where deep self-love is mandatory and creative expression is rewarded.  As an intuitive coach, I applaud living with veracious curiosity and introspection.  My personal inquiry began early… as I remember my mother always saying my head was in the clouds.  As a teenager I spent most of my days on the back of a horse hence the beginning of my love for animal communication.  My adult life includes multiple incarnations: summers in the San Juan mountains as a horse-wrangler/guide, a writer, an artist, and as a Reiki Master and intuitive coach and healer.  The thread that continues to stitch my life together is my devotion to personal growth and spiritual transformation.

In my opinion personal transformation is the essence to living an empowered, fulfilling life.

In my spare time I can be found using my hands: drawing and painting, digging in the dirt to plant flowers, setting up brick pathways, and rehabbing my ever-evolving homestead, which I affectionately call the Monkey House.  Or you may find me in relaxing in secret garden, moving through novels and creative non-fiction. I’ve also recently been deeply engaged in writing my own true and invented stories.  As much as possible I walk and hike, my second favorite mode of transportation (first being on the back of a horse), and indulging in the natural world that continues to reaffirm my gratitude for living.  And of course I feel grateful to spend time with my family of beloveds two-leggeds and four-leggeds.