Gentle Nudges Versus Ego

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Recently, I have been thinking about how to tune in intuitively to everyday decision-making. For instance maybe you are trying to figure out when to launch a project or how to handle a challenging relationship. You most likely have all kinds of thoughts and feelings like when to start the project and how much you want escape the discomfort of the relationship as soon as possible.

So when tuning in, how can you tell the difference between ego versus inner guidance? The ego usually has to be right, to have it their way, to prove itself in some way. There is usually an emotional charge, self-righteousness and anger as the ego can actually feel victimized when it doesn’t get it’s way. The ego loves control. And sometimes I notice when I am tapped into my ego extremes, it feels like an unstoppable train, barreling down the tracks unaware of those intuitive nudges that are waving as I speed by.

Intuitive nudges feel quiet and show up in times when you are relaxed, maybe right as you wake up in the morning. Or they come in when you are focused on something else, like pulling weeds or chopping carrots. They could come in as a message or even a feeling but however they come in, the guidance has a matter- of-factness to it, without the emotion of an agenda. Call this person now or a feeling of openness that makes you reach for the phone.

How can we cultivate space for more intuitive nudges? Self-awareness is the key component for deepening your intuitive path. I suggest writing things down,beginning with what is your agenda,what do you want and why. And then explore the ego. “I have to start now because it is right and I am right because…or I am angry at this person and I will prove they are wrong and I am right…” Get it all out so it isn’t propelling you forward without your awareness. Then come back to the specifics of what you want your intuition to assist you with, like, “when should I start this project?” or “how can I be more skillful in this relationship?” Once you are clear about what you want, send prayers or set intentions and ask for guidance. And then let go. Letting go is never easy but it is a crucial step in manifesting. Then cultivate spaces of relaxation for gentle nudges to come through:

  • Walking in the woods
  • Swimming! Or any kind of movement
  • At night just on verge of sleep or inside dreams
  • Spoken by someone else
  • Gently reminded, not scolding
  • Actions unfold without thought, you simply put on your shoes and go … etc.
  • Spending time in restorative yoga poses where those intuitive nudges can come in.

And allow those gentle nudges to guide you in your big beautiful life.