“Speaking to Julie feels like being bathed in love and light and always validates what i have already intuited. This continues to teach me to trust my own knowing. If you have worked with other intuitives you will be surprised at how rapidly accurate information comes to Julie. In my experience she is dead on, clearly sensing what is currently or about to happen. The healing work Julie has done in her own life is apparent in her boundaries and communication skills. She has an incredible skill at sharing only what you ask about and communicates with love and honesty. I am grateful to have her in my life as a spiritual teacher and confidently refer others.”
Charna, San Francisco CA

“When I’m about to get a reading from Julie, I feel all lit up inside, as though it’s my birthday and I’m five years old! Julie’s readings are such a gift because I feel I’m truly SEEN in this amazingly clear, unconditionally loving way. I always leave her sessions feeling empowered, joyful, and more trusting of myself and my path.  Julie is a dear friend too, so I know she’s the real deal. I know how diligently she walks her talk. How she makes a deep practice of following her own intuitive guidance.  How she constantly refines her process of opening to the Divine, receiving clear messages, and communicating in the most grounded yet uplifting manner.  Psychic sensitivity was Julie’s birthright—yet she has done the work to transform it into masterful intuitive discernment, thus sharing her gift to the world with consciousness and integrity.  Before I met Julie I had forgotten how to pray. She helped me remember how to integrate gratitude and prayer into my life. She models and inspires a skillful balance between the active design of a joyful and abundant life with the practice of surrender to Spirit’s larger plan.”
Tami, Albuquerque NM

“When I need a guiding hand, I turn to Julie.  She has been my spiritual and creative mentor for 15 years.  Through her intuition I have recently changed my perceptions about my own creativity and the forces that influence me.  I was looking at Hurricane Ike’s floodwaters as this mud dump.  I was wallowing in my own self-pity like a pig in that mud.  She said, “Try seeing it as a cleansing instead.”  So now I notice the new green grasses and the houses being repainted.  I see my community reaching out to one another.  I see the opportunity for love to grow stronger all around me.  I am grateful for her influence in my life.  She has led me to use my own intuition when in doubt.  I know how to recognize my own truest voices because of her.  She says I introduced her to the Goddess within her, and I still wear the necklace she made for me in honor of that, but the reality is that her intuition and self-awareness led her to that discovery.  She has a great gift for finding the vein of worth in each person.”
Shauny, Galveston TX

“I have been consulting with Julie for years now. She has helped me in so many areas in my life. Julie feels like a clear channel of love and knowledge. She really enjoys helping people and I never feel that her “ego” interferes in her our work together. I see her consultation as spiritual guidance; she helps me get the bigger picture, to make more mindful choices, and to become more intuitive myself. I am really grateful for her work and guidance.”
Shirley, Oakland CA

“I feel better after I talk to Julie. I don’t always understand why or how but all of sudden after our conversations, everything makes perfect sense. She provides a perspective that has a bigger scope and offers guidance in how to view and work with whatever feels stuck or not right. She really is an intuitive healer. I feel like some part of me is healed after speaking with her. I can’t help but share my experience with others and then they call her and feel the same way. She also gives so much love and you can feel it the minute you get on the phone or see an email. I am so thankful to have found her.”
Anviksha, Chicago IL

“Julie Brown is a bright shining spirit in the world.  I feel blessed to have worked with her during a time of great transition and upheaval.  What she offers is greater than mere insight.  She has a steady soulful giant-hearted pressence.  She reminds me to accept, to relax, to trust, and to be brave.  In moments that have felt like pure dark, I have found her to be a gentle lifting comfort, a loving truth teller, and a voice to remind me to light my own path home.”
Anya, Seattle, WA

“Julie is an amazing Intuitive healer, I have been working with her for a few years and every time I talk with her I get deep insights and information about my life that impact me profoundly. Julie helped me tremendously in moments when i needed to see/understand something that was beyond my awareness. Julie has a very unique style, she is sensitive, gentle, sophisticated,bright, intuitive, kind and so very gifted in what she does.  Besides her outstanding abilities to see a person in a very complex way -body, mind, spirit, past, present and future. She is also an energy healer so when you end a conversation with her something is shifting in you, as if your soul just had a wonderful massage.  I can’t say enough about how Julie really changed my life in so many ways, and I am  grateful to have this special gifted person in my life.  Thank you Julie.”
Morin, San Francisco, CA

“I had never contacted an intuitive coach before I spoke to Julie.  My aunt suggested that I call Julie and even said if I was not glad I had, that she would pay for my session. So, with a little skepticism I made my appointment with Julie.  As soon as I heard Julie’s voice and she started praying, I was washed over with her loving intuition and inspiration.  Julie is a beacon of love and compassion and vision unlike anything I have ever experienced. She just “knows” and she is able to tell you what is going on in your life in such a way that it is instantly understandable to you. I was at the end of my rope and going through a great deal of old childhood pain, as well as being in the process of ending my marriage. Julie led me to see exactly where I needed to go and HOW to do go about doing it. What more could a person ask for? Everyone who knows me saw a profound difference in my life wanted to know what I did… I just hand them Julie’s number. It is the best thing you can do for yourself no matter what you are facing and where you are on your journey in life. Julie can clear the path for light, love, and happiness.  My husband and I were traveling through Albuquerque and we were honored to have an in person session with Julie and it was the highlight of our trip!!”
Trish, Nashville, TN

“To say that Julie Brown’s readings are amazing, profound and healing is a complete understatement.  Julie has been such a blessing that I treat myself to monthly sessions, although even one reading could be of life-long benefit.   I feel deeply enriched by the healing and practical wisdom I am experiencing with the assistance of this incredible conduit.  Finding the “right person” for this kind of work is challenging, and of course Julie won’t be right for everyone.  However, she sure does work for me and I’m so glad to have found her.  Thank You Julie Brown!”
Gail, Cuba, NM

“During my first session with Julie, my spirit guides were communicating to me through her.  They were sharing with me very interesting and helpful thoughts.  At one point she was confused about what they were asking her to tell me.  When I asked what they had said, I recognized the content of their guidance because it was about a code I was living by that I had never shared with anyone else.  That guidance motivated me to change the way I interacted with women and quickly brought me into a relationship that has turned out to be by far the healthiest I’ve ever had.   We plan on starting our life together by getting married this summer.  I believe the session with Julie set my life on a happier, healthier, deeper course.”
Jac, Fort Collins, CO

“I go to Julie Brown when my spirit needs guidance or mending.  After a session, fears and doubts are always super clarified.  Julie’s gift must be due to her sensitivity, joy and deep listening which is evident when you meet her.  She is a beautiful spirit.”
Josey, Farmington, NM

“Julie has introduced me to a world of healing and energy work that I previously did not know existed.  She opened my mind and body to the power of Reiki when she attuned me and her intuitive abilities astound me every time I have contact with her.  Her desire to empower others fuels the strong and truly spiritual being inside of herself and she is appreciatively grounded in the real world we all live in.”
Desi, Albuquerque, NM