Working with Fear

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In this moment, between the full moon lunar eclipse that happened last week and the new moon solar eclipse next week energy feels so heightened and intense for so many people. As things are brought up that feel scary or intense, how can we navigate our experience while staying anchored? Fear and anxiety shows up for me like a heavy dark cloud that blurs my rational and intuitive vision. My heart races, my thoughts scatter like confetti and my stomach tightens like a clenched fist. I am so consumed with the what if’s and unknowns, and I can’t really see straight.

How can we work with fear and anxiety by focusing on the sensations arising in the body? It’simportanttokeepinmind that even though there are various degrees of things to be afraid of like running late to an appointment versus a pending storm (either actual or metaphorical) for the most part, the physical experience of fear doesn’t discriminate.

So when working with intense feelings and/or fear try to take a moment wherever you are to just pause. Put some attention on the sensations arising in your body. Here are a few reminders to help you work with it:

Come back to your breath:
Your breath is your ally and bridge to the present moment. Maybe you do some deep breathing for a few minutes, elongating your inhales and exhales, while reminding yourself to start your breath from deep within the belly. Or go outside and put your bare feet in the dirt or grass and focus on the expansion of your breath, listen to the birds chirp and feel the wind on your face.

Get grounded:
Fear can bring on a brigade of thoughts that are so thick you may not even remember driving from one place to another. It is always important to know what helps you get grounded. Eat enough, including lots of protein and root vegetables. Do physical activities that help you feel present and in your feet like walking, hiking, biking, running, yoga and swimming. Take time to meditate and put in energetic grounding cords. Imagine running roots that begin at the bottom of your feet and go all the way down to the middle of the earth.

Have a dialogue:
Can you have a discussion with your fear? Let’s say your friend hasn’t called you in a few days and you find your self moving from worry that you did something¬†wrong to the fear that something bad happened to her. Maybe have a good sit down with your thoughts. Perhaps you come to the rational conclusion that your close friend usually does return calls right away, or has a lot going on and there is likely a very good reason for the delay. Try to break through the feelings by using your logic.

Get support:
We all need support, which include friends who listen, therapists, alternative practitioners, the right nutritional support, self-care and practices that nourish us. Sometimes a hug or asking a friend to hold your feet or head for a moment can really help you feel not so alone.

And remember fear is not truth, it is energy. And energy is in constant flux so just keep working with moving in it and reminding yourself it’s not fixed and will shift and pass.